Life is what we make out of it – Yes, Absolutely!

I always ponder. It gives me great pleasure, relief and great sorrow at times. All of a sudden I get the weird feeling that I am living a life that is totally not mine. Yet another time, I am surprised that I can feel quite contented and happy with the life. Why is there such a wavering of mind? I would not call this a wavering of mind. It is merely a sign of the pitiable state of my life. This is happening in almost everybody’s life, many are aware about this and do something to change it.Yet the majority of people fall into the ‘What-to-do-its-my-fate’ category!

I was always in the second group, yes, always felt helpless, when I could have changed the way my life was. But I am in the process of refining myself ( I will come to that in a another post). I am going to do anything that I can to live ‘My life’. And here comes in, my  ‘travelmania’. I had always loved to explore, right since I was a little girl. I loved to go to the market with my father; to the temple with my grandparents; to the bookstore and zoo with my mother…..there is so much to add to this. Yes I always loved to be out-doors!  I have visited so many places till now and they are the main reasons for adding spice to my life.

I am rejuvenated, refreshed and happy when I return from a trip. This helps me handle all the stress of balancing work and family. I try to make use of every single weekend or holiday to go out on trips. I can proudly say that I am living ‘ My Life!’ now. It makes more sense now!

Keep checking out the blog for my travel stories!


About Senbaga Poonguzhali

A travel maniac. Mother to an interesting and intelligent daughter. Animal lover. Missing my dogs. Book worm. Gandhian. A Confused human!

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