A day in Bangalore!

This was not my first visit to Bangalore but my last one was in my 10th std and I hardly remember it. This trip was not planned but then it turned out to be quite well. Setting foot in the city at 5.30 AM in the morning set me in a slight shivering mode ( I never expected chill winds in Bangalore!). The auto-driver tricked us into paying him Rs.200 just for a short distance. We were so sleepy and tired that we just got on to that auto and headed straight to the hotel.

The day was spent entirely in Mantri Mall. It was like any other mall, but I liked it! After the usual shopping spree, we headed back to the hotel. The next day we had to leave in the afternoon, so decided to just roam about. Yes, that is what we did! Sat in the Cubbon Park in the early hours of the morning, enjoying the chirping of birds and the cool wind,walked through the local markets to get a taste of the typical Bangalore market, walked through the wide green roads!


Cubbon Park – Loved it !

Bangalore is sooooo GREEN. They too have busy roads, busy highways with vehicles zipping past with such speed, but they have not disturbed the trees. Roads have been laid out, accomodating the trees and not by clearing them away. Why can’t those involved in town planning of Coimbatore city just take a lesson from their books? Almost all the highways in Coimbatore are bare without any green cover – reason stated is – Road expansion, developmental activity. Why can’t they just do it without compromising the green cover? We have lost the wonderful, cool climate that we once used to experience here. It has all become history now. I wonder how Coimbatore Corporation was awarded the ‘Best Corporation’ award recently!

‘wide green roads’.


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