My Life at Ooty

Life always springs up surprises when we are least expecting it.  I never thought that I would actually live in Ooty! Yeah! Being so near to this hill station, I have traveled many times there just for the summer vacation. I used to get bored with the climate after a day or two. I used to wonder how people managed to live there during the rains and the dreadful winter season. I did not know back then that fate will bring me up here!

At Ooty

It was a job transfer of my husband’s that brought us here. I was thrilled at the idea of living in Ooty in spite of  my childhood dislike. We moved into a very uncomfortable house in mid Feb of 2011. Only the hall and the bedroom had some bit of what you can call as ventilation and the rest of the house was always like a dungeon!  But it was fine as it was just the two of us there. We were located in an area that had an easy access to all main places in the town. So it was all going good!

Me down with chilblains

I would wake up exactly after midnight with stinging pain in my toes. I felt that my nerves were about to burst open. I would toss about in bed, give a hot water bag massage to the toes but to no effect. The pain never allowed me to sleep and I rushed to the doctor after a month of this agony. She told me very calmly that I had chilblains and gave me medicines that will help reduce the pain. Finally I was able to get a good night’s sleep!

Although it was well into the middle of February, early mornings and nights were extremely cold. We had only one or two sweaters and some light sweatshirts. Those were of very little help. So a trip to the popular woollen store had to be made for I felt it hard to do all the work in such cold conditions, with  less warm clothing.

Settling down in Ooty

Summer was such a merry time in Ooty. I had landed a job by then and so both of us were busy in our own ways throughout the week. Weekends were fun as there were so many restaurants to eat out ( How I loved those weekends! ) and the town was always full of activity. I always like to be amidst hustle and bustle, Ooty had this combined with a wonderful climate. After a brief stay of four months in that dungeon-house, we moved into a very beautiful house. It holds a special place in my life and I can never forget those happy days spent there.

Waking up to the busy,continuous chirping of sparrows was my daily routine( Got to dedicate an entire post to those little sparrows!). Looking out, I would find greenery everywhere. If it had rained during the night, then the hills would look as if they had been to a water-service. Oh, I used to be so excited to experience all this.

Getting up early to catch a glimpse of this was the first thing that I did everyday!

Greenery all around!


Bird’s eye view of Ooty !

The timing of our shifting to this new house was perfect, for the monsoons were out in full fury. I was looking forward to my first ever rainy season in Ooty, the one season that i detested and dreaded.Catch up with my experiences on that in my next blog post!


About Senbaga Poonguzhali

A travel maniac. Mother to an interesting and intelligent daughter. Animal lover. Missing my dogs. Book worm. Gandhian. A Confused human!

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  1. Hi. is ooty cold all year around? whats the highest Celsius during non cold season? and lowest during cold season? thank you 🙂

    • Hi Kris,

      Ooty is not cold always. The climate is very pleasant during March, April and mid May. Day time will have the warmth of sun’s rays and at evenings there will be a little, bearable chillness in the air. Temperature will be more than 20 deg C during the day and at night around 15 deg C.

      Rains begin to come down in torrents only from June when the SW monsoon sets in and it will be very damp and cold at this time. Also landslides occur often and disrupt traffic. From Mid August the second season beings which is similar to the summer season.

      Winter which begins from October will be very cold with frost setting in during late December. Night Temperatures during this time will go down to single digit figures and day time it will be less than 20 deg C.

      Hope this was helpful and sorry for the late reply!

  2. Pratapaditya Chakravarty

    Is it possible to speak with you as we are planning a move to Ooty. I am available at paco [at] tiksna [dot] org.

  3. Ist good idea to settle down in Ooty and start business around the city related to tourism kinda of boutique?

    Do you think its easier for start new business or required influence to push things?
    Or I can manage without any unwanted third party involvement?

    Do you think its good for small family with 3 kids can have proper schooling ( not so hifi or lower am expecting middle ranged good school )

    Ist there any gated community’s villa, individual house, flat or townhouse for rents?
    Please share your comments which will help for me to settled down in Ooty.

    • Hi Asif,

      Thanks for your interest in my blog. Settling down at Ooty is a great idea provided you are well prepared to face the extreme climatic conditions. Since you mention a family with 3 kids, it is advisable to take their health into consideration before planning a move. Many kids have found it difficult to adapt to the incessant rains and biting cold and had been advised to move down to the plains.

      Houses for rent and schools are plenty in Ooty. You have a few flats in the town. Fixing up a house is not a problem in Ooty.

      There are many tourism related start-ups in Ooty. I think you can run a business/start-up with little help from the local experts so that you can establish yourself comfortably. Once the business hits off, you can think of other options. It is best to have the support of the locals. Do you have any friends in Ooty or nearby towns ( Coimbatore) ? And which place are you currently located at?

      You can also mail me at .


  4. Hi, I am just checkig your blog in the process of shifting out from ooty. I had been here for past 2 years. After living in other cities like ahmedabad, Mumbai, hyderabad and bangalore, I had chosen to work here for a while. I was excited to be here and a daily dose of beautiful sceneries made me feel happiest, especially the passing by clouds over the lush green tea gardens. But after staying for 2 years, I feel we should get adapted to the lifestyle (always sticking to sweaters, jerkins, mufflers and shoe, especially umbrellas and raincoats during rains); else, life here would be the most frustrating. I personally felt that unless we are determined to live here, it is difficult for a person from plains to settle down in Ooty. One should be ready to go around frequently to feel the beauty of Nilgiris, else life slowly dilutes into cozyness. Though I have planned to move out to plains, I am already missing this place. I am sure to come back and settle down here near to my retirement, when I need not work for long hours for my livelihood. Finally thanks for your blog giving me a chance to write up my feelings.

  5. Hi Senba,

    Thank you for detailed information,
    Sorry I lost this site lucky today found….Information very helpfull also regarding schools and area to live I need some suggestion such as area,school, communitys etc

    I will be in india this august so can go around to check, yes some of my relatives are close by in metupalayam not coimbatore they also recommended for coonor, kotagiri or ooty.

    Am still on collecting more details before step ahead….

    Keep in touch,

  6. Hi Senba

    What are the top schools in Ooty? I’ve heard there are many residential international schools. If we are to move to Ooty then my first concern would be about school for my three and half yr old daughter. I also have a 2 months old son. Me and my husband are thinking in the lines of shifting to Ooty (we are now located in coimbatore) So can you advise on the best school in Ooty?


  7. Hii thr.m looking forward to get settled in ooty.can u plz suggest me which is the best place thr to buy house.whr i can find main things lyk hospital,school,market etc etc

  8. Hi Senba. I have just visited Ooty and completely fallen in love with the place. I would love to buy a small cottage their. I need to know a few things in details if you could possible respond to my queries via email.
    Thnx Samina

  9. Hello’s very happy to read your story in ooty..I too want to settle down in can u please help me to be as a guardian to advice me in suggesting me a job and life I’m songle I’m free for anything to do but it should be like a foundation for my rest of life there..I like to contact you regarding some knowledge to live in would be glad if u mail me directly to contact u soon..rather than replying in comments..thank you man.

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