How I survived the rainy season at Ooty!

The new house that we moved into was a cosy and comfortable one. It was a single mini-bungalow type with a small garden and neat, little rooms. It kept me warm, shooed away the bitter cold. It was the best house! And I loved the Kitchen for it was so neatly planned. And I loved the many, many happy days when me and my husband tried experimenting new dishes there.  It was so much fun in that house!

Rain,Rain, When will I ever see you again?

Now to the rainy season, it rained almost throughout the day. I like to see the bright sun when I wake up in the morning, but here it was dark, grey rain clouds everyday. It simply drives out all your mood and energy. I would get ready for work in spite of my very bad and irritated mood. Here comes the next dreadful part! The rains would start coming down hard only when I set foot out of the house. Till then, it would have been a slight drizzle! Yeah, just because I detested the rains, they took their revenge on me this way!

Anyway, going on a two-wheeler ( we did not have a car back then) in the heavy rain would leave us drenched and soon shivering  will set in.  Imagine getting drenched in a place where the temperatures are already well below the normal and having to go to work shivering!  So I walked to work with the rains pounding on my umbrella. I loved to get wet in the rain, drive in the rain, but this was totally different. Although I had to walk only a short distance to work, by the time I reached office, my feet would be cold ( I used to wear shoes also!) .

After warming up myself, I will then pull myself to work.Getting back home after work was also the same way as in the morning. This was the daily routine for almost 3 months! Weekends were totally boring for I could not venture out at all.
The rains never bothered about my irritation but continued to come down in buckets. The only best thing about this season was that  I read so many books cuddled up inside warm rugs! After a month of it, I slowly began to enjoy it. I would just lie down on the bed listening to the sound of the rain falling on the windows, watch the little sparrows huddled up together for warmth – I was experiencing something different, a revelation of one of nature’s abundant joys!

Gloomy Skies!

Washed Clean after the rains!

True that I hated this season last year, but now I am missing it. I miss watching the rain through the windows, miss the thrill of getting drenched just for fun, miss the warm,cosy rugs, miss everything. It really surprises me when I begin to miss those things that were once on my ‘I-don’t-like’ list. I realized that I had fallen in love with those big, black rain-clouds that hovered over Ooty!





About Senbaga Poonguzhali

A travel maniac. Mother to an interesting and intelligent daughter. Animal lover. Missing my dogs. Book worm. Gandhian. A Confused human!

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  1. Great blog ka.. keep writing senior 🙂 I have d feel, that I am at ooty and could imagine them when I read ur blog 🙂

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