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Living alongside the Ooty Roses.

When our move to Ooty was confirmed, the first thing that we did was to look out for a cosy house. As it was only the two of us, we were looking for a 1BHK house in a proper residential area within the city. Finally, we fixed one that was located at a walkable distance from the Rose Garden. Unfortunately, this house was too big for us and it was as cold as a refrigerator. We survived there somehow for 3 months when we luckily got another beautiful house. This was a few houses down the old house so we were still in close proximity to the Rose Garden.

Roses reminded me of Daffodils!

It was a bright Sunday morning in February when me ,my husband along with my in-laws walked in to the Rose Garden.As the Ooty season was approaching, the workers were busy cutting, pruning, weeding, watering. I could see every color of a rose!

” Ten thousand saw I at a glance

Tossing their heads in a sprightly dance”

Wordsworth’s daffodils flashed in my inward eye. Every rose was the size of the large saucer and their freshness and fragrance was so bewitching!

Roses and Romance

Inspite of living close to the Roses, me and my husband had never been there except for the first trip with the in-laws. On one of our Sunday strolls, we decided to check out the roses. It was the peak time of the Ooty season and I saw more people than the roses. I was literally pushed through the pathway and managed to get a glimpse of the pretty roses, by peeping over people’s shoulders! So much for a romantic trip! We were out of the garden within 15mts.

A Unique Friendship with a beautiful GSD

There was a shortcut to the Rose Garden from my house and I loved taking this route.During my solitary sojourns, I befriended a GSD girl who was the guard of a big house located on the way to the garden. I learnt that the inmates of the house were only the caretakers who lived inĀ  a small out-house. She used to lie curled up near the gate among the bushes. She barked at everyone who passed the gate. This girl was deprived of company. My love for dogs made me stop every time at the gate just to look at the beautiful girl. At first, she barked at me. Seeing that I was undeterred, she slowly approached me. I began to speak to her softly – she cocked up her ears, listened to me. Slowly she began to trust me and I could see her tail wagging. That was the beginning of our beautiful friendship!

She rushed to the gate as soon as she saw me, allowed me to stroke her and pat her through the bars of the gate. Her big, brown eyes followed me till I turned the corner of the road.

I wanted to see her, stroke her, say goodbye to her one last time before we shifted from Ooty. With continuous packing and seeing to other work, I did not get the chance. Whenever I think of roses, the picture of the solitary GSD comes to my mind more than the beautiful rose garden.

Ever since I came away from Ooty, I have not had the chance to make a trip to the place I loved. I am sure I will visit Ooty sometime and when I do, I will check on my four-legged companion for sure. No excuses.