The Travel maniac!

I love to travel..anywhere and anytime! This is totally due to the fact that I love being outdoors, in the sun. Currently stationed in South India, to be more specific, Coimbatore. Love this city! I have been to so many places in and around Coimbatore and there is so much more that I am yet to visit. So this blog is like a journal of all my trips! Hope you have a great journey!

  1. Hello,

    Looking to move to Ooty toward the end of this year and hoping to connect with someone there now or that has lived there, can’t find an email address, can you help with answering some questions? We are currently in the USA


  2. Hello,

    My name is deepak & i work in Oil & gas field abroad,where i come to India for 1 month span of 2 months working abroad. As i am more tired of my work , am planning to move to ooty as i can spend some pleasant time over there.i searched many but your blog is really awesome and thought i could get some help from you. As am still a bachelor i need to make full of this life, so am planning to move alone. i just wanted to know how is the cost of living and every other details required to stay in ooty.

    Deepak Teja

  3. Hey Deepak, Thanks for spending time on my blog. Ooty is the perfect place to unwind from a hectic life and I am happy that you chose to do that! Are you planning to start a business in Ooty or work in a concern there? Rent and cost of living in Ooty is similar to that of a city. Please feel free to send me all your queries regarding Ooty to my mail – Would be glad to help you!

  4. Hi. ..looking to settle down in ooty at lovedale crossroads near function. .A lil apprehensive as the house we are looking to buy is almost on top of a hill.please advice.

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