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Up in the mighty Himalayas!

Thanks to my parents, books were part of my life from a very young age. For every birthday, every good performance in school exams and for every holidays, my parents gifted me books. This was how I began to read Enid Blyton. I was so thrilled to read about the hiking,cycling ,trekking that the famous five undertook often; longed for the picnic lunches and exciting adventures! My mother used to pack picnic lunches and join me and my friends in the garden. That was the only part of the famous five life that could be imitated!

I continued to dream of hiking along bubbling streams, camping out in tents and cuddling down in warm sleeping bags…Yes, the world of imagination was a fantasy land and I loved and lived (still love and live there! ) there very often.  Dreams such as these never come true – that is what I thought!

We used to trek small hills and hillocks near Coimbatore with one of  our mountaineer friend. These trips gave us an insight of how a real, proper trek would be. However, my dream was all set to become real when my mother planned to take us on a trek to the mighty Himalayas! Himalayas – the Abode of snow – I was always fascinated by this young yet towering fold mountain range. I would always attempt this question – Write about the ranges of Himalayas in my Geography exam. Now, I was actually going to trek up this mighty mountain! Yes, I was in the seventh heaven of delight as our team of trekkers packed and planned for the trip.

Day one :

September 28,2009 was the D-day! Our rucksacks were all packed and bulging with thick woollen clothes and my excitement level was soaring . Our team of trekkers included our mountaineer friend and 3 of his friends,my mother, sister and myself and 5 other children. We took an evening flight to Delhi and halted at the airport for the night, as we had to catch an early morning flight to Kulu. We made friends with a woman from Israel at the waiting lounge and the night was well spent by exchanging hordes of interesting facts about the cultures of both the countries.

Well spent night!

Well spent night!

The next day dawned bright and clear. We were all eagerly awaiting to fly to Kulu. The plane resembled a toy plane and it had only limited seats. The plane zoomed casually between the towering mountains and I could hear my heart skip a beat every time the plane came closer to a hill-side. Finally we landed at a tiny airstrip – Kulu Airport. Phew! From there we took a local bus to Manali; refreshed at our hotel . Now we were all set to start on our trek.

Toy plane, Thrilling Ride!

Toy plane, Thrilling Ride!

Want to read more about my trek to Beaskund ?? Watch out for my upcoming posts!